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8 thoughts on “ Various - Hardcore Help Foundation - Benefit Album Volume 2 (CD)

  1. This is a list of World Music Network's "Rough Guide" stosinatflirridekefedtethenesspo.coinfo of the titles in the series begin with the phrase "The Rough Guide to" or "The Rough Guide to the Music of", and so these phrases are not shown in the titles listed below; those lacking such phrases (typically benefit or compilation albums) are still designated as part of the series by their catalogue number prefix, "RGNET".
  2. Versandkosten gespart! Ab einem Einkaufswert von 85,00€, übernehmen wir die Versandkosten für Euch!
  3. Ox Fanzine, Solingen, Deutschland. Nach seinem Mega-Flop „Dune“ von drehte David Lynch mit „Blue Velvet“ zwei Jahre später einen seiner prototypischsten Filme, der den Film noir auf alptraumhafte Weise wiederbelebte und das Publikum mit gewalttätigen und sadomasochistischen Szenen in .
  4. Essentially a sequel to another NYHC comp that was released a year or two earlier on Revelation records. This album takes a song or two from those bands and adds even more bands to the mix. This is one of the stepping stones to the late 80's era of NYHC/5(12).
  5. A bizarre hodge-podge collection comprised of mid-'90s modern and alternative rockers, MOM: Music for Our Mother Ocean is a benefit album for the conservation society the Surfrider Foundation. Perhaps taking a cue from the organization it is intended to help, MOM isn't as sanctimonious or preachy as other benefit albums -- it's good intentions.
  6. This album is a MUST have for all happy hardcore fans, for a tenner its a bargin. I brought this album hoping for something good as I had just started getting into happy hardcore, after buying a couple of the bonkers albums. From the moment I put the first cd and heard Scott browns - Ill fly with you!/5(13).
  7. Friends with Benefit Friends with Benefit: Music from the Television Series One Tree Hill, Volume 2 was released on February 7, and a portion of the proceeds has been donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.
  8. Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML is the first CD compilation album to benefit the organization NORML, released in November The songs that appear on the album all have marijuana as the subject matter. As of the end of Hempilation sold more than , units, and raised more than $90, for NORML. Due to the album's success, there would be a second compilation done by the group, .

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